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Eye of NARA was created in 2018 as the vision of the half Ghanian and half Dutch singer-songwriter NARA. Born a true idealist, she translated her vision to express authenticity and vulnerability to a genre she coined as Eclectic Alternative: An analogue sound reminiscent of the alternative 90's, carried by a duality of dreamy and weighted arrangements. Her objective? Transmitting a type of transcendence to whomever is listening. NARA believes in the healing and activating power of music, as all is vibration, and uses the vehicle of sound waves to let life lessons, stagnant emotions and the key to self travel freely.

Eye of NARA defines itself as an entity that is created by collaborating with many different creatives who bring the vision into a tangible and multidimensional experience.

The songs have a strong tendency to theatrics, as they cover subjects as shadowwork, self-love, acceptance and detachment in a raw and yet embellished form. A true journey through the human experience. The act finds itself in the realm of Catpower, Hayley Heyndrickx and Beach House, and is strongly influenced by acts such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Eryka Badu.

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